Kaiju no Mori staff introduction

Director Chiaki KATAYAMA

Director of Kaijunomori preschool
Graduated from Meiji University School of Commerce
Has he converted from a job as elite company employee?


Graduated from Yokohama National University School of Education
Childminder, High school English teacher, Japanese teacher, elementary school English teacher Also responsible for “Let's Play in English" once a week

Dui Unit Atoko ONO and Gaku TODOROKI

(Atoko ONO and Gaku TODOROKI’s Unit )
They run a children's modeling class in Ishikawa-cho, Yokohama. They are responsible for an art workshop once a month. Dui’s Children's Modeling Classes
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Yokohama Five Senses Kids Head Coach
Graduated from Waseda University; Elementary, junior and senior high school, All Japan Wrestling, No. 1 in Japan Title recipient 13 times

Marcos Fernandes

Musician: Spent over 30 years abroad, in the United States and other countries. Specializes particularly in percussion. Responsible for sound workshops and after-school drumming schools once a week.
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He launched yajin special type of ninja arts (Yanin) program that adds elements of Japanese culture and Yamazato culture (A lifestyle culture for learning while cohabitating with nature), and provides services for tourists, business operators and others from overseas. Responsible for a ninja school once a month. YouzawaYaninan (Ninja experience) From the HP